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Differential flux analysis

Differential Flux Analysis – Revolutionizing Magnetic Domain Analysis

Differential Flux Analysis (DFA) represents a groundbreaking approach to the analysis of magnetic domains within materials. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and innovative sensor technology, DFA enables a high-resolution insight into the behaviour of magnetic fields within complex structures. This powerful tool provides valuable data that can be essential for quality control, research, and various industrial applications. Whether in manufacturing or scientific exploration, Differential Flux Analysis offers unparalleled precision and adaptability.

Features of Differential Flux Analysis

  • High Resolution: Detailed mapping of magnetic domains.
  • Real-Time Processing: Instant analysis and feedback.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplified for all skill levels.
  • Advanced Algorithms: Superior accuracy in evaluations.
  • Multi-Mode Functionality: Adaptable to different scenarios.
  • Robust Construction: Durable for industrial environments.
  • Remote Monitoring: Control and assess from anywhere.

    Product Specifications

    Resolution Capability2Up to sub-micrometre precision
    Data Processing SpeedReal-time analysis
    Connectivity OptionsUSB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi capabilities
    Compliance Standards Meets international regulatory norms

    Product Benefits & Applications


    • Quality Enhancement: Achieve impeccable manufacturing standards.
    • Time Optimization: Expedite research and development processes.
    • Risk Mitigation: Early detection of potential issues.
    • Operational Flexibility: Suitable for diverse industry needs.
    • Investment Value: Long-lasting performance and reliability.
    • Environmental Sustainability: Minimal waste generation.
    • Global Support Network: Assured service and maintenance.


    • Material Characterization: In-depth evaluation of ferrous metals.
    • Manufacturing Quality Control: Automotive, aerospace, machinery.
    • Educational Research: Universities and research institutions.
    • Healthcare Equipment Analysis: Precision instruments and devices.
    • Renewable Energy Sector: Assessment of magnetic components.
    • Geological Exploration: Analysis of natural magnetic formations.
    • Telecommunications: Evaluation of magnetic components in communication devices.

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