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Multidirectional Bench Type MPI Machines

True 360 Degree Detection
Unique magnetization technique to detect defects in all directions simultaneously.

Multidirectional Bench Type MPI Machines
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PLC Based Bench Type MPI Machines

Safeguard Process Parameters
Ensure that the testing is done as per the standards set by experts.

PLC Based Bench type MPI Machine
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Demagnetizer Machine

Erase Magnetism with Ease
Remove residual magnetism efficiently post-inspection with our high-performance Demagnetizers. Ensure your components maintain functionality without the hassle of unwanted magnetism

Demagnetizer Machine
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Eddy Current

Hardness & Grade Sorting
Make your customers happy by weeding out soft and highly hardened parts

eddy current testing instruments
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Magnetic Crack Detector Machine for Steel Bars

Adjustable magnetization time of up to 2.0 seconds allows for the complete development of indications.

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Expert Third-Party Inspection Services

Expert Third-party inspection services for both Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

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Top magnetic particle testing equipment manufacturers in india

Magkraft Integrated Private Limited is manufacturer of high-quality magnetic particle testing equipment (MPI Machine) & Eddy current Testing Systems.

Our third-party inspection services address your NDT inspection requirements, allowing you to focus on your primary production expertise.

With over 25 years of experience in non-destructive testing, we have garnered a host of esteemed clients across diverse industries.

Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities empower us to create tailor-made, efficient, and budget-friendly NDT solutions to suit your needs

Detecting imperfections beneath the surface, our Magnetic Crack Detector employs advanced technology to safeguard integrity, making flaws transparent for reliable quality assurance

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Our Product Range

Magkraft manufactures a diverse range of non-destructive testing equipment. Their product line includes Magnetic Particle Inspection Machines (MPI Machine), Magnetic Crack Detectors, Eddy Current Testing Machines, and Demagnetizers. Additionally, they offer specialized equipment such as MPI Machines for Aerospace Parts, Multidirectional MPT Machines, PLC Controlled Magnaflux Machines, and Mobile Current Generators. This array of products caters to various industrial needs, ensuring quality and safety across different sectors.

Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment

Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment

Through our extensive selection of magnetic particle testing machines, you have the capability to examine both uncomplicated and intricate components, identifying defects on both the surface and within subsurface layers.


Demagnetizers Machine

We offer a range of demagnetizers tailored to fulfill your demagnetization needs following the MPI process. Whether you require a basic coil demagnetizer or an advanced automatic demagnetizer system, our assurance lies in completely erasing any residual magnetic field within the component.

eddy current testing instruments

Eddy Current Testing Systems

Eddy current technique can sort materials based on their hardness & composition. Our automated material sorting systems guarantee that only components meeting the required specifications proceed to the customer. 

LED UV Lights

Magnetic Crack Detector Machine

This Magnetic Crack Detector is a wet horizontal bench-type unidirectional machine that generates circular magnetization meant for checking both bright & black rolled steel round bars.

tailor Made


Our expertise in understanding the NDT processes & designing a matching solution ensures that you get the best results from our equipment.

Why choose Magkraft

Choose Magkraft Integrated Private Limited. for innovative, reliable, and superior non-destructive testing solutions. We bring an unwavering commitment to excellence, tailoring our top-tier products to your specific needs. With our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, partnering with us means ensuring the highest standards for your testing procedures. Trust Compac Technologies to drive your success with unparalleled commitment, knowledge, and industry expertise.

Creditable Integrity

We uphold uncompromising integrity, building lasting trust through transparent and ethical interactions.

Effective Team Work

Our strength lies in our team, with diverse expertise working collaboratively to meet and exceed your needs.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to quality, setting new standards in non-destructive testing through rigorous quality control measures.

Our Services


Third-Party Inspection

We provide full third-party inspection for MPI and ECT. Our expertise and asset-light approach offer exceptional services and cost savings, negating the need for NDT equipment investment.



With our experts utilizing our portable instruments, we are capable of conducting on-site testing at the customer’s location. This proactive approach helps identify and address any non-conforming material that might have inadvertently made its way to the packaging line.



With traceability, manufacturers can quickly pinpoint defective or subpar components, leading to improved product quality and reduced recalls. We provide end-to-end traceability solutions customized to your processes & needs.


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