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Mobile Current Generators

Mobile Power Packs: Electromagnetic Current Generators for AC or HWDC Magnetization.

Our mobile current generators are suited for testing large and very heavy parts using the magnetic particle inspection method. Suitable for parts that can’t be loaded on a stationery-type machine. These units feature AC and Half Wave DC output.

Magnetization time of up to 3.0 seconds allows for the complete development of indications.

Available in various amperages.

A pair of direct contact prods is provided along with the machine. One of the prods has a switch for starting the magnetization cycle.


  • Digital, stepless current control.
  • Large digital readout ampere meters with retention.
  • Heavy duty transformer. No need to wait between two shots.
  • Sturdy wheels for movement on the shop floor.
  • AC/HWDC changeover.
  • Integrated decaying-AC demagnetization with automatic control
  • Feedback loop-based current control with current failure indicator.
  • Very few electronic parts. Easily serviceable.


Headshot Current CapacityModels staring from 2000A going up to 6000A
Shot TimeMaximum 3.0 Seconds
Power Supply2 Phase 2 Wire 415V AC/220V AC
Frequency50Hz or 60Hz



  • SCR-based digital current control for accuracy & precision
  • Feedback loop ensures repeatability 
  • Large easy digital readout for reading from a distance
  • AC to HWDC changeover uses solid-state circuitry, hence no changeover sound
  • Low voltage output for operator safety


  • Large Castings
  • Steel Industry
  • On Site Inspections
  • Turbines
  • Marine
  • Aerospace

Product models

Horizontal Clamping Models

ModelCurrent CapacityCables Included
MK-20-MP2000A AC & HWDC120mm2—3m X2
MK-30-MP3000A AC & HWDC120mm2—5m X2
MK-40-MP4000A AC & HWDC120mm2—5m X2
MK-50-MP5000A AC & HWDC120mm2—5m X4
MK-60-MP6000A AC & HWDC120mm2—5m X4

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