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Magkraft Integrated Private Limited Recognition

Magkraft Integrated Private Limited, established as a Private Limited Company, holds esteemed recognition as a startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. This acknowledgment underscores Magkraft’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, positioning it as a dynamic player in the business landscape. As a recognized startup, Magkraft enjoys potential benefits and support from government initiatives, fostering growth and development. This distinction showcases Magkraft Integrated Private Limited as an emerging force in the industry, contributing to the vibrant startup ecosystem while benefiting from policies aimed at promoting innovation and economic advancement..


Magkraft Integrated Private Limited proudly holds the ISO certification, a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. This internationally recognized certification signifies that Magkraft has implemented effective quality management systems, meeting global standards. The ISO certificate showcases the company’s dedication to delivering products or services of the highest quality, demonstrating adherence to stringent quality control processes. This recognition not only enhances Magkraft’s reputation but also instills confidence in clients, assuring them of a reliable and quality-focused partner. Magkraft Integrated Private Limited’s ISO certification underscores its continual pursuit of excellence and aligns with industry-leading practices.

CE Magkraft

Magkraft Integrated Private Limited takes pride in its Certificate of Compliance, a symbol of the company’s commitment to regulatory adherence and quality assurance. This certification validates that Magkraft complies with industry standards and regulations, ensuring that its products or services meet the required specifications. The Certificate of Compliance serves as a mark of reliability for clients, assuring them of Magkraft’s dedication to delivering high-quality solutions while maintaining full compliance with applicable standards. This recognition reinforces Magkraft Integrated Private Limited’s reputation as a trustworthy and responsible entity, further establishing its credibility in the market.