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Demagnetizer Machine

Demagnetizers Machines play a crucial role in various industries by effectively removing residual magnetism, thus ensuring the quality and functionality of the final products. With the flexibility to handle different materials and magnetism levels, coupled with energy-efficient and user-friendly design, our Demagnetizer Machine stand as a key tool in maintaining excellence in production.

Chute Type Demagnetizer

This demagnetizer has coil opening of 200mmX200mm. A stainless steel chute passes through the coil & components slide down this chute with gravitational force. It is suitable for small components.

conveyor type demagnetizer - Magkraft

Conveyor Type Demagnetizer

This demagnetizer uses a belt type conveyor. It is available in three different sizes of coil opening, 200X200mm, 300X300mm & 500X500mm. Conveyor length is different for different coil openings & can be customized also.

Features such as Auto Start, Auto Stop & job counter can be integrated on demand.

Trolley Type Demagnetizer

This demagnetizer employs a manual trolley to take the component from one end to the other. Trolley is supported on sturdy wheels. Three different coil opening sizes are available, 200X200mm, 300X300mm & 500X500mm. It is the most commonly used demagnetizer.

Motorized Trolley Demagnetizer

This demagnetizer uses a motorized trolley to carry the component from one end to the other. The trolley is connected to a chain driven by a geared motor. Three different sizes of coil opening are available, 200X200mm, 300X300mm & 500X500mm.

Optional features such as job counter & auto return can be easily integrated on demand.

Stationary Type Demagnetizer

This demagnetizer uses electronic circuitry to produce a slowly reducing AC current in the demagnetizer coil. The component is placed inside the coil. The slowly reducing magnetic field demagnetizes the component. Available in coil sizes of 200mmX200mm, 300mmX300mm, 400mmX400mm & 500mmX500mm.

Reversing DC Demagnetizer

This reversing DC demagnetizer passes slowly reducing & reversing DC current through the component using headshot method. This produces a slowly reducing circular magnetic field in the component thereby demagnetizing it completely. Use of DC ensures that the part is demagnetized not only from the surface but from the core also.

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