1. What is Magkraft Integrated Private Limited?

Magkraft Integrated Private Limited is a manufacturer of high-quality magnetic particle testing equipment and Eddy Current Testing Systems. With over 25 years of experience in non-destructive testing, they provide comprehensive solutions across diverse industries​​

2. What type of equipment does Magkraft specialize in?

Magkraft offers a wide selection of magnetic particle testing machines, capable of examining both simple and complex components. These machines are designed to identify defects on the surface and within subsurface layers of materials​​.​​

3. Does Magkraft offer any additional equipment related to MPI processes?

Yes, Magkraft provides a range of demagnetizers tailored for different demagnetization needs following the MPI process. Their offerings include basic coil demagnetizers and advanced automatic demagnetizer systems, ensuring complete erasure of any residual magnetic field within components​​.​

4. What other NDT methods does Magkraft support?

Magkraft also utilizes Eddy Current techniques, which can sort materials based on hardness and composition. Their automated material sorting systems ensure that only components meeting specific standards proceed to customers​​.​​

5. How does Magkraft enhance the MPI and dye penetrant inspection processes?

For magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant inspection, Magkraft deploys UV lights illuminated by advanced LED technology. These lights are designed with operator comfort in mind, improving the inspection process across various industries​​.​​

6. Does Magkraft provide third-party inspection services?

Magkraft offers comprehensive third-party inspection services for MPI and Eddy Current Testing (ECT). Their expertise and approach provide exceptional services and cost savings, eliminating the need for clients to invest in NDT equipment themselves​​.

7. Can Magkraft conduct on-site testing?

Yes, Magkraft’s experts can use portable instruments to conduct on-site testing at the customer’s location. This proactive approach is useful for identifying and addressing non-conforming material that might inadvertently reach the packaging line​​.

8. What solutions does Magkraft offer for traceability in manufacturing?

Magkraft provides end-to-end traceability solutions that are customized to the specific processes and needs of manufacturers. This service helps quickly pinpoint defective or subpar components, improving product quality and reducing recalls​​.