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Grade Sorting with Eddy Current Testing

Grade Sorting is an essential technique within Eddy Current Testing that segregates materials based on specific grading categories. This sorting is vital for industries like automotive, aerospace, construction, and more, where the proper grading of materials affects overall performance, safety, and efficiency. Compac Technologies specializes in providing precise grade sorting services, ensuring your materials are classified accurately.

Grade Sorting Testing: The Challenges and Solutions We Offer

Challenges in Grade Sorting Testing

  • Complexity in Sorting Various Grades: Different materials have various grading scales, making the sorting process complex.
  • Handling Mixed Grades: Incorrectly sorted materials can result in significant quality issues.

Solutions We Offer

  • Precision Sorting Techniques: We employ advanced Eddy Current Testing methodologies tailored to sort different grades accurately.
  • Integration with Quality Control: Our sorting is aligned with your QC processes to prevent mixed-grade errors.

Our Methodology for Grade Sorting Testing

  1. Assessment of Grading Requirements: We begin by understanding your specific grading requirements and standards.
  2. Sample Calibration: Accurate calibration with known grade samples to ensure the testing equipment is ready for sorting.
  3. Selection of Suitable Techniques and Tools: Customization of the ECT approach based on the grades involved.
  4. Grade Sorting Execution: Utilizing ECT, the materials are sorted into their respective grades with precision.
  5. Continuous Monitoring and Quality Checks: Ongoing assessment to ascertain the accuracy of the sorting.
  6. Detailed Analysis and Reporting: Comprehensive reporting, including all the graded categories and methodologies used.
  7. Client Review and Feedback: Finalizing the project with client consultation, ensuring satisfaction.

Why Choose Compac Technologies for Grade Sorting?

At Compac Technologies, we take pride in our specialized grade sorting services, ensuring your materials meet industry standards and performance expectations. Our skilled professionals, advanced technology, and commitment to quality make us a preferred partner in grade sorting services.

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